Exponential Growth In Damp Areas


Once mold gets into your house, it is hard to get rid of. This is particularly true with rugs or carpeted areas. Most of the time, the whole rug or carpet must be discarded; but, rugs or carpets that aren’t damaged extensively can be cleaned professionally to remove mold and mildew …

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Catching Those Quick Colony Shots


The best way to capture the small fungal colonies actually may surprise you. It’s from an everyday device that everyone carries around with them. Your phone. It’s the quickest and easiest way to spread news and life’s captures in the moment. Having a professional HD shot from a normal camera …

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Mycelium And The Mushroom


Mycelium refers to the vege-mass part of the fungus while mushroom is the fleshy spore reproducing body. The cultivation of mushrooms has become a world-wide market. They have many health benefits and provide, to many cultures daily essential vitamins and minerals.  They can also be used to dye clothes and …

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Fungal Spores Through The Microscope


It is important to get a closer look at things. This is especially true with microorganisms that may provide a better understanding of how life was created and the many benefits they bring everyday. We know now that mycella acts as natural binder agents to hold water in the area …

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Microorganisms Just Don’t Listen


It has long been known that microorganisms, like fungus, build up in dark moist places almost anywhere at anytime. Most headsets don’t take in account this fact and can have an average of up to 10 times more buildup than the ear itself. Other headsets do their best to minimize …

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Moisture Creates Unlikely Breeding Grounds


Mold can buildup anywhere in the presence of oxygen where moisture can accumulate. This makes areas with heavy raining seasons especially susceptible. Doors and locks on any home or automobile southern florida would be a prime example of a breeding ground for mold. Locksmiths are very helpful at whatever point you have …

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Removing Mold Buildup Around Food


Mildew and mold can buildup almost anywhere at anytime; but, where there is food to be had, the buildup can become quite exponential. You may be opting for kitchen remodelling in order to enhance the look of your property or to increase its market value. Whatever may be the reason, …

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